About Us

Palm Springs is a full fledged landscaping company. We provide garden designs, execute them to your satisfaction. We are also equipped in installing automatic irrigation systems. All is done under a single roof and thus stands us a chance to remain competitive in the market.

We develop gardens for Companies, Farm land projects, Golf course, Society gardens and Terrace gardens. We are equipped with hi-tech computers, plotters and scanners, garden software, and all relevant hardware which helps us achieve better results. We are also equipped with modern equipments used in gardens to ensure better quality of work.

Palm Springs has an absolute professional approach towards its jobs. All the employees are qualified and experienced landscape architects, project managers, landscape supervisors and landscape assistants.

The cultivation of garden is surely one of life’s most satisfying endeavors. We feel a sense of accomplishment when we have planted and cared for healthy, eye catching plants. In particular when a whistling sound of breeze passes through an avenue of palms and when an ornamental flowering plant has grown to maturity and is covered with red-pink buds. It is like a dream fulfilled.

Palm Springs now has a comprehensive resource with outstanding examples of garden designs, landscaping plans, recommended plant lists and tips for creating garden structures and water bodies as well as installation of irrigation systems for effortless maintenance and to enhance its aesthetic beauty.

Our aim is to expand our horizons to include the best of our gardening heritage as well as garner the benefits of modern technologies.